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2007 Journal Quilt – “The Quiet Place” 17″ x 22″

The Indian Mounds, an area next to the Grand River in Michigan, is now a Quiet Place. It is said the mounds were part of the burial ceremony of the Hopewell tribe (200 AD), a group of Native Americans known for creating a large exchange network of raw materials and finished goods from far and wide, as well as elaborate burial rituals. In the Spring, when the river overflows, this now protected peaceful woods comes to life with new growth. Even though a freeway is nearby, the silence here is deafening. You can almost feel their spirits at rest, hear them in the whisper of the trees. It is the tranquility and beauty of this area I wanted to capture in this Journal Quilt.

My hand-dyed fabric provided the background. Raw-edge applique’, Angelina, beading, hand embroidery, paintsticks for highlighting, thread painting, and machine quilting were all used. The backing was monoprinted. The beaded feather string is in honor of the spirits of the native people.

On disply at the IQA Quilt Festival in Houston TX 2007, and Chicago Quilt Festival in April 2008, and Long Beach, CA 2008

Layers 2 34″ x 29″

Fibers include lots of silk, cotton, threads, layered onto my hand-dyed cotton background and borders. Corners of thread-made fabric.
Juried into the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts at the old GR Art Museum, June 2008.

Fluid Reality 23″ x 28″

Thread-made abstract, extensively beaded, hand-dyed silk and cotton fabric, machine quilted.
Juried into the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts at the old GR Art Museum, June 2008

Underwater Treasure 12″ x 20″

Silk,cotton, rayon, and misc. fibers, cheesecloth, beaded

Trumpet Flower 1 and 2 12″ x 14″

Silk and rayon fibers, thread-made fabric, cheesecloth, metallic mesh, my hand-dyed fabric borders, machine quilted.

The Road Not Taken and A fork in the Road 14″ x 16′

Silk fibers, angelina, cheesecloth, thread-made fabric, my hand-dyed fabric borders, machine quilted.

Reaching for the Sun 14″ x 31″

Thread-made fabrics, extensive beading, hand-dyed fabric, applique’, machine quilted, hand embroidered.

Spring’s Promise 24″ x 26″

Silk fiber, thread-made fabrics, hand-dyed cotton, machine quilted.

The Bloom 52″ x 52″

Hand-dyed cotton, commercial batik, hand appliqued’ and reverse appliqued’, machine quilted.
First Place Winner at Quilts on the Grand 2006.

Indian Sandpainting 14″ x 24″

Center is solid hand cross stitched, hand woven inner border, hand-dyed cotton fabrics, hand stitched, machine quilted.

On Summer Mornings 13″ x 17″

Satin, heat distressed tyvek, sheers, tulle, hand-dyed cottons, hand embroidered, beaded, machine quilted, unique binding.

Layers 3 – Landscape 31″ X 32″

Thread painted, snippets, silk & cotton fibers, sheers, hand-dyed cottons, machine quilted.

Layers 4 – Earth Awakens 15″ x 19″

Silk, cotton, rayon, and miscellaneous fibers, hand beaded, machine quilted.
Juried and Exhibited at the Annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition – May 2008.

The Seed 34″ x 36″

Toured in the Hoffman Challenge all over the country to display in numerous national shows and exhibits.

Chaos 23″ x 26″

Silk, Rayon, and misc. fibers on thready/fiber made fabric, hand-dyed cottons, machine quilted.

Calendar Garden 12″ x 12″

Thread-made fabric, raw edge applique’, machine quited on hand-dyed and painted cotton.

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