About Gail

Since the age of 12 (a few years ago), Gail has had a personal relationship with her sewing machine. There were years of sewing everything from doll clothes to personal clothing, home decorator items to wedding dresses, and everything in between. Living in a large city brought opportunities to design and construct stage outfits for entertainers and even exotic dancers. Later, during a revival of quilting interests due to the country’s bicentennial, she turned her focus to learning the special skills needed to create quilts. Many years were devoted to traditional American quilt designs, until there came a time when something different was called for.

Now her focus has expanded to include many other techniques and unusual materials and fibers to create her art quilts. You’ll see them under Fiberart and in the Fiberart Gallery. Her quilts have been accepted into national and regional art and quilt shows, several having been selected for awards and positions in traveling exhibits. While on this road to art quilting, she created her own line of hand-dyed fabrics. Several years ago she acquired an interest in spinning her own brand of hand-spun yarns which have given her artwork a whole new dimension. You will also see her yarns in the Hand-Spun Yarn Gallery.

Scarves, shawls, and other gift items made with Gailforces Fabrics and Gailforces Hand-Spun Yarns are available on this web site as well as her art quilts. An Etsy shop will be opening soon. In the mean time, if you see anything you’d to have, please contact her here.

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